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National Lekotek Center

    The National Lekotek Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, provides an array of services to improve the lives of children with special needs through the utilization of toys and play.

    LEKOTEK CENTERS offer therapeutic PLAY-based family sessions for families of children with disabilities structured to help children learn, develop and thrive in a world that presents them with many unique and complex challenges.

    TOYS and PLAY are the vehicles used to provide children with an understanding of and an ability to relate to the world around them.

    PLAY is also utilized to increase interactions within the family, especially between siblings, and the community as a whole.

    Lekotek Centers Offer: (varies per Lekotek site location)

    When a child experiences play, he or she can depart from the world of struggles, tasks, therapies and treatments into the joyful experience of play and through that accomplish more than anyone ever dreamed possible.”

    Check out what our Lekotek affiliate at the United Cerebral Palsy of NEPA is up to. Keep up the great work!