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AblePlay is a project of the National Lekotek Center.

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Services to the Toy Industry

    After 33 years of providing direct services to children with disabilities and their families, the National Lekotek Center has developed extensive expertise in how to make play accessible and successful for children of varying degrees of abilities. This very specialized niche has made Lekotek a seasoned resource for the toy industry.

    Lekotek has increased its menu of services and provides consulting for toy manufacturers on sales/marketing to the special needs community.  Lekotek  established an Industry Relations & Partnerships department, which packages Lekotek’s expertise in the areas of toys and play and offers their expertise to the toy industry. 

    A cornerstone of Lekotek is the AblePlay website which offers ratings and reviews of toys and products appropriate for children of all abilities.

    Over the past 10 years, the National Lekotek Center has been asked by mass market and specialty toy companies to assist them in the following areas:

    • Product Evaluations, Ratings & Reviews
    • Product Report - on the Features & Benefits with Parent/User Testimonials
    • Toy Industry Consulting
    • Content Marketing – SEO “disability language” Directory Placement, Social Media Content & Customized Website Content
    • Collateral Material Development
    • Public Relations
    • Sell Sheets
    • Product & Concept Development
    • Product Line Review
    • Staff Trainings – disability awareness
    • Market Research
    • Industry and Market Alerts