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AblePlay is a project of the National Lekotek Center.

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    AblePlay, a website that rates and reviews current toys for children of all abilities. Toy manufacturers can submit their toys to AblePlay for evaluation & rating in the five categories that relate to a child’s abilities - physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive and social/emotional. Each toy is then given a 1-5 star rating for each category, an extensive toy review including play ideas by category is developed, and the manufacturer then has the option to list their toy with a link to a retail site on the AblePlay website at www.ableplay.org for parents and professionals at www.ableplay.org.

    Great Find is a supplemental category of AblePlay that focuses on reviewing products that do not fall into the toy category.  Items that are candidates for Great Finds include products that can aid, better access, or enhance activities in "play" or "everyday living" for families who have special needs. Some examples are products that can increase independence, inclusion, safety or convenience for children with special needs and their family.

    Great Find checkmarks are given in five categories:  cognitive, communicative, physical, sensory and social/emotional which reflects the beneficial quality for children who fall within that category of disability.

    The AblePlay website is a resource for consumers to get more information on the benefits of specific projects for children who have special needs.

    Manufacturers can decide to make the Final Report available on the AblePlay website www.ableplay.org to highlight all the features and benefits of their product. This allows companies to gain exposure to all visitors to the website and to piggyback on all the promotional efforts that AblePlay is involved in.

    AblePlay promotional efforts may include but are not limited to:

    • National marketing efforts – PR, SEO, Google Ad words, Affiliate site marketing, partnership marketing
    • Newsletters to national affiliates of the National Lekotek Center & AblePlayers Club
    • Professional webinars offered by the Lekotek
    • Local and national online and print magazine articles that Lekotek writes

    A product report may be completed on each product (optional). It is the content of this report that will be sent to the manufacturer/company and this information then becomes the communication cornerstone for promoting this product to the special needs market. The Final Report is a rigorous, authoritative, and comprehensive document that includes:

    • Features and benefits of the product
    • Developmental processes the product promotes
    • Cognitive, sensory, physical and communicative characteristics containing:
      • Product description specific to each category
      • Information on skill development specific to each category
      • Play ideas specific to each category
      • Adaptation ideas specific to each category