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Family Play Sessions and Play Groups

    Lekotek's primary services are to families of children with disabilities ages 0-8 (age varies on location). During monthly one-hour play sessions, Family Play Specialists focus on facilitating family interactions through play.

    Individual Play Sessions – Families who participate in the Lekotek program schedule individual play sessions that are led by a certified Family Play Specialist. Prior to the visit, the play specialist prepares the session by selecting appropriate toys and computer activities to engage the whole family and help promote both enjoyment and development. The toy library has hundreds of traditional and adapted toys to choose from and the play specialist takes care to identify items that will enable the child to be a full participant in the play experience. During the session, the Family Play Specialist facilitates the play, encourages involvement and provides resources and expert advice on playing at home, parenting ideas, connecting with other families and more.At the end of each session, the family can borrow 5 or more toys (this amount varies depending on the Lekotek program) on a library –loan basis to be used and enjoyed in their home. In addition, families are able to check out books and videos from the parent resource library. A subsequent play session is then scheduled for the following month where the family returns those toys, has another play session and can check out five more toys.

    Home visits – To accommodate children who are medically fragile and families who have difficult schedules, individual play sessions can be facilitated in families’ homes.

    Play Groups – Lekotek provides monthly Play Groups to families with children who have special needs ages 0-8 years (varies by site location) facilitated by the Family Play Specialist(s) and volunteers.  Play Groups are a small gathering of Lekotek family members and non-members consisting of a child with a special need, their parents/caregivers and their siblings.  Groups gather for fun, play, support and social interaction between family and friends.  Lekotek play groups are broken down by age categories to ensure developmentally appropriate experiences that include a range of activities, play stations, social play, free play, themed play and/or art, iPad/Compuplay and craft activities. These play groups enable children to interact with peers and learn about social expectations and cues in a fail free play zone.We welcome you to join in the fun to meet and learn from other parents, siblings and children and experience newfound friendships in a healthy, nurturing environment.