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Toy Lending Library

    The National Lekotek Center is a recognized authority on toys and play products for children with disabilities. 

    Nationally, Lekotek libraries contain over 50,000 toys that Family Play Specialists have analyzed and cataloged for families. Families receive toy recommendations from the  play specialists, who are knowledgeable about traditional and specially-adapted toys. They are also experienced in adapting toys and modifying play to ensure optimal access and success.

    The toy lending concept further provides parents with toys and games that are matched to their child’s skills and interests. It also gives them the ability to test out toys to see what skills their children have mastered and what areas they need to focus on. Lekotek keeps track of the families’ loans. This can assist in identifying a pattern of interest and play and open discussions about stages of development. Toys can be revisited for future skill building opportunities. This service greatly simplifies the entire play process and provides parents with examples and ideas of the types of toys they may decide to purchase for their child in the future.

    Benefits of Toy Lending

    • Geared towards child’s ever-changing developmental goals
    • Selected with child’s interest in mind
    • Allows parent to implement play sessions easily
    • Provides toys without need to purchase (including access to costly and hard to find adapted toys)
    • Provides interest for sibling participation
    • Grows with child and progresses as child progresses

    The aspect of providing the parents with prescriptive toys cannot be overestimated. Just the effort of bringing interesting and exciting toys into the home spurs the child and the parent to utilize them. Ideally, parents return home confident from their participation in a professional play session and believe they have the tools and concepts readily at hand to implement play sessions at home. Parents also know that they can contact the family play specialist with any questions or for additional guidance.