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Daily Whale Q&A with Tere Garate

    Q&A with Teresa Garate, president & CEO of the Anixter Center
    TUE, 12/20/2016 - 3:40PM 
    By: Daily Whale Staff

    06.23.15 AnixterCEO 7554 Edit 2 0Teresa Garate considers herself a “fixer” when it comes to her professional career. She has worked to implement organizational reforms while working at Chicago Public Schools’ Office of Specialized Services, the Illinois Department of Public Health and in her current role as the president & CEO of Anixter Center.

    Garate stepped into her current role at the Anixter Center in June 2015. The center is one of Chicago’s largest nonprofit organizations, serving nearly 8,000 children, teens and adults with disabilities. With a broad background in education, disability, and social services, Garate joined the organization ready to implement change.

    “I think my skillset is that I’ve learned how to use data to inform change and come up with best practices,” Garate told the Daily Whale in a recent interview.

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